About Humres

Humres BPS is the leading professional UK recruitment agency for the building product industry. Our parent company Humres has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry and together we have developed a service that offers an unmatchable database of high performing candidates, a robust search and selection methodology and a unique consultant to business relationship framework that offers quality recruitment solutions.

Skills and experience in recruitment and the building product industry

Unlike most recruitment agencies we go out of our way to train our consultants in specialist areas within the employment industry we are dealing with. This way we can understand your business and goals, which we believe are essential for building a firm business relationship and finding appropriate solutions – it also allows us to deal with employment processes while you deal with your everyday business tasks.

Our clients remain loyal

Our method of finding the most appropriate candidate for your job vacancy begins with us getting to know your business. Consequently, any future job vacancies tend to be fast and effective because we already have the fundamental information about business structure. Hence our clients remain loyal because we grow as our clients grow and we continue to provide highly satisfactory results time after time.

A doorway to great career opportunities

At Humres BPS we have a network of impressive contacts within the industry, a huge database of high profile clients built up over the last 20 years and a broad spectrum of opportunities available on a regular basis. More than that, our success depends on us finding the job vacancy that fits your requirements and aspirations exactly – which is why we offer guidance, and support to help you present yourself in the best possible way. In providing a proactive service we often find our clients will create a role simply due to the high calibre of candidates that we present to them.

A thorough search methodology

We work from a team based environment where our consultants are rewarded based on team results only. We are also responsive to the more complex tasks. For instance there are times where we have placed 4-5 consultants on one project. In today’s recruitment minefield and diverse source of candidates there is no other way of giving our clients the absolute best result.

Effective, efficient, professional

Over the past 20 years our services have develop due the excellent contacts and robust relationships we have made with our clients. It has enabled us to take stock and consolidate, keep ahead of the competition and be responsive to our loyal customer’s feedback. Out of this has come a more focussed, efficient and effective recruitment agency for the building product market – Humres BPS.