Client charter

Through our specialist consultants extensive experience in the recruitment and construction industry, you will have access to our unique search and selection methodology and superior networks which have made us leaders in our field across the UK.

We work with all businesses whether large or small – from start-ups and SME’s to large global enterprise and conglomerates. Regardless of your size, turnover, or hiring frequency, we believe everyone is entitled to the benefits of partnering with an experienced recruitment consultancy. You’ll have access to all of our years of recruiting experience and first-hand knowledge of the construction market.

To ensure we are giving you the service you deserve we make the following commitments:

  • From the beginning our consultants will offer their specialist expertise to help you develop a detailed job specification.
  • Our mission and goal is only delivering the best, the most appropriate and most relevant candidates.
  • All candidate searches will be processed with the utmost confidentiality.
  • For each vacancy we will provide you with a short list of up to three quality candidate profiles
  • We go further than just filling job vacancies – due to our extensive consultancy skills and experience we can assist and advise with more complex recruitment scenarios.
  • You will be fully aware of all terms, conditions and charges before we progress your vacancy.
  • We will keep you fully informed of progress with all applications.
  • We continue to grow and improve by listening to your feedback – so we welcome and encourage feedback concerning our work together.

For a free consultation with one of our recruitment specialists in the building product market please call us on 0203 640 8969 or fill in our website form.