Our Process

At Humres BPS we can deliver the most appropriate candidates you will find in the building product market in the UK. With a wealth of experience in the construction industry and cutting edge search and selection methods, our professional team of consultants have developed a sophisticated recruitment process which focuses on only the highest performing candidates for your business vacancies.

With Humres BPS you will:

  • Save precious business time
    Advertising for a vacancy, assessing applications, and interviewing can be highly time consuming – especially when the majority of applications and interviews are found to be unacceptable. Our specialist consultants find the most appropriate candidates for you – leaving you to just choose amongst the highest performers.
  • Save you money
    Because of our high degree of expertise within the recruitment and building product industry we can make sure the solution to your job vacancy is resolved at the lowest possible cost. With our contingency service you only pay us when we find the ideal placement. Due to the high calibre of our candidates, experience has told us they are likely to stay longer in role – so reducing the cost of future recruitment processes.
  • To deliver excellent results for your company, projects and clients
    We work with you to understand your business, your specialism within the business product market and the job vacancy itself in order to find the most appropriate candidates for the role. We always aim high at Humres BPS and we are proud that our clients remain loyal and remain with us because we get results.

Below is our 8 step process used by our consultants every time we process a new vacancy. We want to be totally transparent with so our procedures are instantly accessible and our clients can rest assured we will be delivering a consistently professional and effective service.

Step 1: Assessment

This is where our professional consultant will take a detailed brief from you. This part of the process is fundamental to the process but as well as gathering the most essential information we will be conscious of taking up as little of your time as necessary.

Step 2: Specification and Research

After drilling down further into the specifics of the job vacancy, your business and your anticipated goals, we will prepare a written job description, adverts, and the criteria needed for the ideal candidate.

Step 3: Identification

Humres BPS has developed a broad network of contacts within the building product industry and the recruitment industry itself which allows us to pro-actively scout the market for suitable candidates using our personal contacts and extensive database and candidate sourcing techniques. You will be kept informed of progress with regular status updates.

Step 4: Evaluation

Once we have enough suitable candidates for your short list we will conduct initial screening interviews. This element of the process verifies even further that any candidate reaching you will be highly appropriate. Not only will they be evaluated on the basis of their experience but also on their potential to fit within your organisation.

Step 5: Presentation

You will receive confidential written reports on 3 or 4 candidates who our consultants have assessed and are best suited to your business and the vacancy. The amount of candidates is kept minimal to save you time in the interview process.

Step 6: Interviews

We will act as mediator and arrange a mutually convenient time for yourself and each of your chosen candidates. At this point you can assess their suitability for yourself. After the interviews, we will contact each candidate for feedback and report back to you with their comments.

Step 7: Hire

Once all interview stages have been completed and you have chosen your preferred candidate we will deal with the job offering stage. Upon acceptance we will ensure they are successfully on-boarded into your organisation.

For a free consultation with one of our recruitment specialists in the building product market please call us on 0203 640 8969 or fill in our website form